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GNSS Tracking with Long-term monitoring up to 6 years

The new year promises VTDA lots of innovative ideas, starting with a powerful new GNSS/GSM Tracking device that will take you beyond the bounds of reality! This Universal GNSS device is build for long-term monitoring with extreme battery life up to 6 years! It is suitable as an independent GNSS unit for tracking, monitoring and […]

Trackimo® – Our Core-Brand for each household

VT.DA continued the systematic international expansion of its Trackimo® brand in the third quarter! A classic Win-Win situation: The concept enables the strategic brand expansion and allows independent trade partners optimal start-up opportunities in a sophisticated consumer market segment. We offer the consumers a trustable brand with a comprehensive, all-round service with the best value […]

BVMW-News: The GDPR replaces the European data protection guidelines from 1995

Data protection will be a major risk for businesses, especially given the potential reputational risks they face from data breaches or poor handling of personal data. In addition to the extended extra-territorial scope of application, the GDPR also significantly increases the possibility of higher fines and sanctions for non-compliant companies. Organizations will be much harder […]

Famous GPS Tracker Manufacturer from China and VTDA following up the project.

One of our partner from China is a professional gps tracker manufacturer for 15+ years. The Group is a global provider of award winning GPS tracker and GPS tracking software, which can provide integrated GPS tracking solutions and M2M solutions, says Mario Kowalczyk, CEO, VTDA.  As a company we are always striving to bring new innovations, […]

250,000 children missing every year in the EU, 1 child is reported every 2 minutes.

51% of missing children cases are made up of child runaways. They represent the largest category of missing children. Children go missing for many different reasons. The typical cases are: – Parental/international child abductions – Runaways – Missing unaccompanied migrant children – Abduction by third persons – Lost, injured or otherwise missing children Each case […]

Trackimo® – Testing and Assembling made in Germany

Innovative engineering made in Germany, based on years of experience in automated testing and assembling processes for our Trackimo® brand. VT·DA is fully responsible for a given order – from assorting the parts and assembling the components to testing the finished product. The great thing about these VT·DA guys is they take pride in their […]