Täglicher Archiv: European Data Protection Guidlines

BVMW-News: The GDPR replaces European Data Protection Guidlines from 1995

Data protection will be a top risk for companies, especially considering the potential reputational risks they face as a consequence of data breaches or poor handling of personal data. Additional to the extended extra-territorial scope, the GDPR also significantly increases the possibility of higher fines and sanctions to non-compliant companies. Businesses will be much more […]

Famous GPS Tracker Manufacturer from China and VTDA following up the project.

One of our partner from China is a professional gps tracker manufacturer for 15+ years. The Group is a global provider of award winning GPS tracker and GPS tracking software, which can provide integrated GPS tracking solutions and M2M solutions, says Mario Kowalczyk, CEO, VTDA.  As a company we are always striving to bring new innovations, […]