BVMW-News: The GDPR replaces European Data Protection Guidlines from 1995

Data protection will be a top risk for companies, especially considering the potential reputational risks they face as a consequence of data breaches or poor handling of personal data.

Additional to the extended extra-territorial scope, the GDPR also significantly increases the possibility of higher fines and sanctions to non-compliant companies. Businesses will be much more challenged to understand their risk exposure and their data protection management will be in the spotlight.

How does VT.DA help prepare or comply with the GDPR?

VT.DA provide partners with consulting and incident planning services, as well as breach response services. If your company in the field of gps tracking suffers a breach it will need access to expertise, such as specialist lawyers, IT forensics and crisis management consultants. We can help with instant access to these experts and can help demonstrate to authorities that your company has taken immediate and appropriate steps to reduce the impact of a data breach, as well as to meet regulatory requirements and deadlines.

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